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Overview Of The Training

The most dangerous threat is the one which do not have a CVE. Until now developing reliable exploits was a skill which only a small "elite" group of hackers knew. Now with our Xtreme Xploit Development training you can develop highly technical skills of vulnerability discovery, analysis and exploit writing. This training does not teach you how to use exploits, but how to write your own reliable exploits. Learn the latest exploit development techniques from the masters in exploit development and reverse engineering.

Course Description

Xtreme Xploit Development is the most detailed and advanced exploit development training. Starting from assembly language basics the course moves to shellcode development, fuzzing for exploit discovery, writing reliable exploit, bypassing security measures and anti-virus evasions. The training is developed and delivered by accomplished exploit writers and reverse engineers who had developed and published in various common softwares and Microsoft products. After this training exploit writing and vulnerability research will not be a dark art for you. Each exercise in this training is hands-on with live examples and test cases.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Red Team members, who want to pen-test custom binaries and exploit custom built applications.
  • Bug Hunters, who want to find new vulnerabilities and write exploits for all the crashes they find.
  • Members of military or government cyber warfare units.
  • Members of reverse engineering research teams.
  • Pen-testers, Security analysts, Reverse Engineers, who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • 1
  • Developed by professional exploit writers
  • 2
  • Test cases of PDF, browser and office exploits
  • 3
  • Latest exploit writing techniques
  • 4
  • Learn bypassing latest protection mechanisms and AntiVirus
  • 5
  • Hands-On Excercises