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Overview Of The Training

This training is an advanced and offensive version of Android, iOS and ARM Exploitation. It covers much in-depth security issues and automation in terms of security analysis and creating own tools for analyzing mobile applications and code.

Course Description

Mobile Exploitation Ninja Training is a unique training which covers security and exploitation of the two dominant mobile platforms - Android and iOS. This is a three day action packed class, full of hands-on challenges and CTF labs, for both Android and iOS environment. The entire class will be based on a custom VM which has been prepared exclusively for the training. The training will take the attendees from the ground level upwards to be able to audit any real world applications on the platforms.

Some of the topics that will be covered are Advanced Auditing of iOS and Android Applications, Reverse Engineering, Bypassing Obfuscations, Automating security analysis, Exploiting and patching apps, Advanced ARM Exploitation, API Hooking and a lot more.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Mobile application developers who what to write secure code
  • Mobile app penetration testers
  • Malware researchers
  • Members of military or government cyber warfare units.
  • 1
  • Hands-On labs
  • 2
  • CTF style very interactive training
  • 3
  • Private scripts written by the trainer for Android and iOS app security analysis
  • 4
  • Custom VM Labs ISO for the entire training
  • 5
  • Learning Pentesting for Android Devices - Author signed Copy/strong>