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Overview Of The Training

Learn the various attacks like sql injections, cross site scripting, command execution and many advanced web attacks and become an expert in web application penetration testing. This training will enhance your skills to find and exploit vulnerabilities in your client's website fast and give you an inshight to patch those. You will learn to bypass complex filters and web application firewalls and the techniques used by underground hackers to compromise websites.

Course Description

Beginners Web Hacking and Exploitation is a beginner to intermediate level training where you learn various web attacks like SQLi, XXS, CSRF, File Inclusions etc in detail. You will learn to detect, exploit and mitigate each vulnerability manually and also with automated tools. More of the focus in this training is however given to manual methods so that you can learn what exactly happens when you run a scanner on a website. After this training you will be able to find a vulnerability manually which even a scanner misses and exploit it successfully bypassing various WAF and filters. Also you will learn various techniques useful during the exploitation phase in a pentest such as uploading shell to various popular CMS such as joomla, wordpress, and vbulletin, compromising websites on shared server by symlinks, local root exploits and much more.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Anyone who want to make a carrier in web penetration testing
  • Penetration testers who want to take their skills to next level
  • Anyone who wants to learn about web hacking and security
  • Web developers who want to learn about security issues in codes
  • 1
  • Hands-On labs
  • 2
  • CTF style very interactive training
  • 3
  • ASL HackMe labs developed to practice various attacks
  • 4
  • Very detialed HD video series