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Overview Of The Training

Advanced Web Exploitation KungFu is NOT a beginner level training. There is a lot more in modern day web exploitation than the good old alert("xss") and union select. Take your exploitation skills to next level by learning serialization attacks, bypassing hard WAF's, creating stealthiest backdoors in the applications you compromise and chaining vulnerabilities. Find your 0days and write your exploits. Complete training will be hands on based on the challenges faced in real life exploitation. This training is not about just running scanners on target.

Course Description

Advanced Web Exploitation Kung Fu is a fast paced training for penetration testers from intermediate level to a pro. It's a complete hands on training where students will learn the skills to chain various exploits with limited impact to enhance the impact of the final attack, detect tricky vulnerabilities which they have missed in past and exploit them. After the training student will be able craft advanced payloads according to requirement in different situations and automate the exploitation by writing custom scripts. Creating 0 day exploits and bypassing hard filters will not be a dark secret skill after the completion of this training. Complete trainings is developed on the challenges faced during complex penetration tests and real world attack scenarios.

Some interesting and stealth methods of backdooring the web application will also be covered in this training. Students will do hands on our custom labs designed on real life scenarios and will learn:

  • 1
  • How to detect a vulnerability
  • 2
  • Different methods of exploiting a particular vulnerability
  • 3
  • Evading Filters, WAF and Other Security Products
  • 4
  • Chaining Exploits
  • 5
  • Writing Your Own Exploits and Tools
  • 6
  • Implimenting Stealth Backdoors
  • 7
  • Advanced Exploitation Payloads
  • 8
  • Mitigation Methods
  • 9
  • Manual Exploitation Methods