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ASL IT Security Trainings
The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control everything.

  • Xtreme Xploit Development
    In XXD you will learn how to write your own exploits. With the advanced techniques to bypass DEP and ASRL and antivirus evasion methods you will be able to find new vulnerabilities and write reliable exploits. [...]

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  • Advanced Web Exploitation KunfFu
    Take your exploitation skills to next level by learning serialization attacks, bypassing hard WAF’s, creating stealthiest backdoors in the applications you compromise and chaining vulnerabilities. This is not entry level training. [...]

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  • Mobile Exploitation Ninja Training
    MENT is a unique training which covers security and exploitation of the two dominant mobile platforms - Android and iOS. This is a three day action packed class, full of hands-on challenges and CTF labs. [...]

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  • Basic Web Hacking & Exploitation
    This web haking trainings is for starters who want to learn web hacking and security. This training covers OWASP top 10 and much more from start so you have in depth knowledge of web hacking. [...]

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We can design, Custom & Flexible IT Security Trainings
If you require any training on IT Security which is not listed on our website. We can design it and deliver it for you.

Experienced Trainers

Our team have many years of experience in various domains of IT Security. So if you need training on some topic which is not listed on our site just contact us.

Real World Scenarios.

Our professionals know what challenges are faced in real life in IT Security. So all the trainings developed are based on real world challenges and scenarios.

Hands On Certifications

Very challenging certification exams which will proove you have deep knowledge and understanding of a particular domain. And you possess necessary skills to be a security professional.

Need any IT Security training which is not listed on our website.
Our team have vast knowledge in all aspects of security and hacking. Be it malware analysis, window internals or cloud security and IDP/IPS.
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Training Highlights
All the trainings are developed by professionals having several years of experience and are masters in their domain.

  • Focus on Hands-On Training

    For your better understanding all topics are cevered in detail with hands-on attacks.
  • Excillent Training Materials

    HD videos and PDF's along with virtual lab setups for training and practicing.
  • Certifications

    After completion of each training there will be a challenging exam where you have to use what you have learned to pwn boxes and get certified.

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Our Clients

  • " The level and nature of participation was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis and feedback. The time flew by! "
  • - Cabinet Secretariat
  • customer
  • " This was one of the best workshops we have ever attended. The venue, materials & facilitation was excellent. We recommend this training to all security sector actors interested in seeing real progress in their countries. "
  • - EFCC Nigeria
  • customer